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aZowat het beste multi-service kantoor uit de regio
AAgrarisch Adviesburo GGoethals - Bauwens
ASint-Elooisstraat 23 G8020  Ruddervoorde
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In Bruges AAGB has three modern guestrooms for two, three or four persons at your disposal.
Each room is equipped with all modern conveniences (TV, kitchen, shower/bath, sitting areaÖ).
A garage is available.

The three apartments have a name and a housecode.

Short periods:  

With the code of the house you can see the details and fix the date of your stay on the Eurorelais website.
Click on the hyperlinks below to look up the desired period directly.

GERARD - 3 Personen: House code: BRUG-8000-19

HERO - 2/3 Personen : House code: BRUG-8000-20

DOLORES 2/4 personen:  House code: BRUG-8000-21

For longer periods: contact the office Stubbe-Denoo Stubbe-Denoo